Who the hell is this guy?

 Steven M Nedeau lives in New Hampshire. Inspired by nights and weekends playing Dungeons&Dragons, Heroes Unlimited, and Champions during his teen years, Steven fills his stories with adventure, suspense and fantastic new creatures. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science for Electrical Engineering Technology from the University of New Hampshire and spends his days working as an Analog Layout Designer.

His first book, The Soulweb has been called a cross between Harry Potter and The Hobbit. Initially intended to be a standalone novel, The Soulweb has become a trilogy at the request of its readers. Steven is in the working with beta readers for his first science fiction novel (almost done!). Several short stories and the sequels to The Soulweb are also in the works. His writing has been compared favorably to Patrick Rothfuss and Terry Goodkind.

"Authors build emotional roller coasters."

“On the outside, I’m an engineer. On the inside, I’m an artist. I want to touch people on a personal level."

"If I were a superhero, my weaknesses would be coffee and donuts.”

“I started rewriting movies in my head and realized that I couldn’t change the problems in other people's stories. I had to write my own."