Here we are again... post project depression

I just finished a project and the downs are back.

I don’t know about you but I ride the emotional roller coaster every time I finish a project. Several things could relate to this feeling.

  • Pushing hard during the last week has deprived me of sleep and I’m barely functioning.

  • expectations of excitement from others that doesn’t manifest right away.

  • still can’t get the damn cover to update on amazon.

  • I have ten other projects that need my attention.

  • my TBR pile is growing but I don’t have time to relax with someone else’s words.

Like I said, there are a ton of reasons for my post project depression. The Unlikely Hero, A Fair Play Renaissance Fair Play is available for sale on, but it’s a play, and it isn’t very long. I really don’t expect a play to sell like a novel. There are three different versions in the book , written for three different types of performance. I should be happy I finished it. That’s one more item in my writer resume.

I know this is going to pass and I’m going to dive back into my half done science fiction novel, Memory Reborn. Chapter eleven is going to be steamy. I have a lot of stories to look forward to. After Memory Reborn I plan to write Soulweb Sleeping. I have a couple of new story ideas about post apocalyptic society after that. I might write a second play. Let’s see how the first one is received. And eventually I’ll write Soulweb Shattered. Who know knows? I might feel like writing the two remaining books of the trilogy in sequence.

All I know right now is that I’m tired and I’m rambling on. You know what keeps me going when I feel like this?

You. You’re reading. As long as that is true, I know everything is gonna be alright.