Writing books and websites this week.

So here it is, my new website. This is my first blog post here and I don’t really know what to write. I guess I can tell you about the website.

Why a new website?

  1. The last one was in serious need of updating. The images of the book covers were incorrect (I had been editing the cover and didn’t give the new images to my web-builder, who is fantastic by the way). The names of my works in progress were incorrect. I didn’t have anywhere to add events or add photos sent to me by my readers. I even had a bunch of new event photos that I wanted to post.

  2. It didn’t have enough room. I had received notices that I was using too much bandwidth and taking up too much room from my hosting provider. Really, how was that possible? The site barely had anything on it, a couple of pictures, a couple of links.

  3. The price of what I was getting in terms of hosting and domain service vs what they wanted to charge me was ridiculous. For the outdated and inadequate hosting plus domains, they wanted $687 for three years, all while trying to convince me that I was getting a discount. F that. This site I have up now is costing me roughly $188 a year ($41 cheaper) and I don’t have half the restriction of my last hosting company. AND this site was almost half price for the first year.

  4. I didn’t know how to update that site on my own. A very good friend of mine built a beautiful website on the other hosting platform but that is what he does for work. I felt that any time he spent helping me with my site was taking away from his business. Don’t get me wrong. He was more than willing to help me and I love him, but I wasn’t compensating him and I felt guilty about that. Rest assured, when my books explode and I’m making money, money, money, that guy is going to building my web platforms and I’m gonna make sure he’s well paid.

    So here we are. I’m planning on adding new items like a mailing list and videos. I also want to allow image attachments in the contact area so that you can send me photos of you wearing my Soulweb tshirts. Rock that swag!

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