The Soulweb

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Pushing heavy tomes onto marble shelves and translating archaic text until the wee hours of the night could not prepare Jaron for the trials in store for him. After years of teaching history, he will learn that books do not always tell the truth as he becomes a pawn in a war between kings.

Centuries ago, King Mavius’s spell caused destruction beyond reasoning, weaving a web around and through the souls of his knights. Even now the spell of that long dead king pulls at his descendants and Jaron must trade his books for blades when Mavius, with his knights behind him, returns from beyond the grave to reclaim his throne.

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The Unlikely Hero

A Fair Play Renaissance Fair Play

Written originally for a renaissance fair, this play can be performed for elementary school children, middle school children, or other public events.

The cast is intended to be flexible. There are eight parts written so that many of the parts can be played by either male or female cast members.

Approximate Running Time = 16 - 20 minutes.


Kyanite Press: NOV/DEC 2018

Immerse yourself in a world of speculative fiction. Within these pages you may find yourself battling beasts as a sword-wielding soldier, or consumed by thoughts of kitchenware that may potentially untether you from reality. Whether it be the confines of space or majestic mountains that spark your imagination, find your fantasy escape here within the pages of Kyanite Press.

This edition of Kyanite Press contains Steven M Nedeau’s short story In the Under Realm.

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In the Under Realm

Soulweb Short Story #1

Dragged into the under realm by the soulweb, Sir William, Lord Baros, and King Mavius become the monsters.