Works in Progress

This pages lists the projects that Steven M Nedeau is actively working on.


Soulweb Sleeping

The second book of The Soulweb Trilogy. I could tell you all kinds of things here but it would just feel like spoilers. There will be more dragons. If that is your thing, check this out when it’s ready.


Soulweb Shattered

The third and final book of The Soulweb Trilogy. You can tell a little bit from the cover shown above. Things are going to get heated.

Memory Reborn

This science fiction novel is now in the hands of five beta readers. It’s based on the short story, ‘Phoenix’, and that was the original title for this book. If you own a copy of The Soulweb, this is the book referenced at the end where I also asked you to write a review of The Soulweb on Goodreads and Amazon. Have you done that yet? Huh? (insert threatening mannerisms here)

Hey, I don’t write comedy. This stuff has to go somewhere.